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ProgramPrice (per person)Schedule
2-Day School$319Every Monday & Tuesday, Thursday & Friday, and Saturday & Sunday from 5/12/18 to 7/8/18.
ProgramPrice (per person)Schedule
2-Day School$399Every Sat-Sun & Every Mon-Tues Starting 7/9/18
ProgramPrice (per person)Schedule
3-Day School$554Every Fri-Sun & Every Mon-Wed Starting 7/9/18
ProgramPrice (per person)Schedule
4-Day School$699Every Mon-Thurs Starting 7/9/18
ProgramPrice (per person)Schedule
5-Day School$824Every Mon-Fri Starting 7/9/18
ProgramPrice (per person)Schedule
2, 3, 4 & 5-Day Schools15% OffStarts 9/3/18

Nike Advanced Overnight Camp

High School Golfers
Overnight Camper: $1565
Day Camper: $1365
Dates: 6/24/18 – 6/28/18

Nike Advanced Player Schools assist motivated high school and tournament-level juniors in their quest to reach the next level. The atmosphere is golf-intensive and the focus is placed squarely on improvement. All aspects of golf, both mental and physical, are addressed. Days are spent both on the practice areas as well as on the course, where the focus is improving all aspects of competitive play in a tournament setting.

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